Learning today... Leading tomorrow


Learning today... Leading tomorrow


FSM is a private mixed school that was first established in 2015 by the support of the Turkish government through the Diyanet foundation. The school was established in a bid to provide Muslims with access to education at different levels namely secondary, Upper primary and Lower Primary . The school started with a population of 150 students but with the grace of Allah it now boosts of more than 850 students. The integration of a secular curriculum and faith-based ideology is the foundation upon which FSM was established. The school is situated in Borama town, about 50km from Hargeisa

Wax Akhris

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another”

our Core Values

Our operational environment is governed by a set of core values which constitute the desired FSM culture. The school demands observations of the values by teachers, non-teaching staff    and students. These values are:


We embrace cooperation and coordination in working for the success of our school


We advocate for moral uprightness, truthfulness and accountability of one`s action while also striving to do the right thing in the right way

Hard work and excellence

i.e. personal development and high standards in all areas of school life through an ongoing commitment to learn, and grow and to continually work to exceed expectations


A main goal for FSM School is to help students become caring responsible citizens ready to make a contribution to society


We strive to respond to all that needs our attention with total regard for those in authority.

Our management team

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Muse Mohamed
School Director
Marjan Osama Ismail School Principal
Your direction is more important than your speed
Abdilahi Mohamed
School Admin